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After struggling for years with a car that didn't work quite right, I was really pleased to be able to afford a new ride. I purchased a vehicle that was incredibly modern and sophisticated, and it was really lovely. I knew that I wanted to keep it in great condition, so I started researching the right ways to wash and detail the vehicle. It was a lot of work, but within a few short months I could tell that my changes had really made a difference. This blog is all about maintaining your vehicle and making sure that you retain the value.



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Keeping Your Vehicle's Leather Seating In Pristine Condition

If you just purchased a new vehicle with soft leather seating, you are most likely excited about the appearance it exudes and the comfort it provides. Keeping your leather interior in the best of condition will be likely to be a priority so it remains looking like new for as long as possible. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your leather interior does not suffer from premature wear due to inadequate care.

Remove Loose Dirt Carefully And Frequently

It is best to remove any loose debris from your leather seats every few days. This will ensure that any particles that land on your seating are not scraped across the leather surface accidentally as you get in and out of the vehicle or as you do a deep cleaning procedure. Use an auto vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove dirt with ease. The bristles should be held slightly away from the leather during the vacuuming process so they do not scrape your seating. It is also a good idea to use an air compressor to blow any particles away from crevices in your seats, such as where the arm rests meet the chair.

Keep Sharp Objects Away From Your Seats

When you intend on getting into your vehicle, check your personal belongings and clothing to make sure there are no sharp protrusions that could be a risk to the leather. Keep your keys in your hand and watch that purses, briefcases, or belts are not in a position to scrape against your leather seats. Placing seat coverings over the leather will help in protecting it against accidental mishaps.

Condition Your Leather To Keep It From Drying

Leather tends to dry and crack if it is not kept moisturized. Purchase a leather conditioning agent to keep the seats soft. This can be found at an auto supply store and is easily applied to your leather with aid from a piece of microfiber cloth. Alternately, a mixture of linseed oil and white vinegar can be placed in a spray bottle and used as a homemade conditioning solution. When you condition your seats, rub the agent in a circular motion so it gets into all porous areas of the material. Wipe off any excess conditioner with another piece of dry microfiber cloth. Take the time to use window shades and place your vehicle in an area where direct sunlight is not directed toward your seats when you park as well.

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