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After struggling for years with a car that didn't work quite right, I was really pleased to be able to afford a new ride. I purchased a vehicle that was incredibly modern and sophisticated, and it was really lovely. I knew that I wanted to keep it in great condition, so I started researching the right ways to wash and detail the vehicle. It was a lot of work, but within a few short months I could tell that my changes had really made a difference. This blog is all about maintaining your vehicle and making sure that you retain the value.



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3 Tips For Detailing The Exterior Of Your RV

The heaviest detailing that you are going to perform on your RV is in the springtime before you take your RV out for the first time and in the fall before you store it for the winter. Of course, you also want to make sure that you perform regular washing of your RV to ensure that it stays in good shape. Otherwise, the exterior of your RV will suffer. Here are three exterior detailing tips that you need to know:

Tip #1: Take the Time to Wash It Periodically

When RVs are first painted, they will receive a gel coat that will help protect it from damage that is caused by highway debris, weather and sun. If you leave dirt and grime on the exterior of your RV without washing it off, then it is going to wear down that gel coating. As a result, your RV is going to look old and wore down. Therefore, to keep your RV looking nice and new, and to keep road grime, bugs and dirt off of it, take the time to wash it on a regular basis.

Tip #2: Avoid the Use of Dish Soap

When washing the exterior of your RV, don't use standard household dish soap. This is where many RV owners mess up. Sure, it is scented and it generally does the trick when you need to clean something. However, dish soap can be a bit harsh and it will strip the protective coating away on your rig. In addition, it tends to leave behind a film. That film will stick to the gel coat and cause it to deteriorate, which exposes your RV to all the damage that the coating is supposed to protect your rig from.

Tip #3: Use Baby Shampoo and Vinegar Instead

Every RV owner will have his or her own special concoction that they like to use to clean their RV with, and some dealers tend to have their owner recommendations of what to use. One recommendation is to wash your RV with baby shampoo and then add a small amount of vinegar to your water when you rinse the rig. You won't have to worry about leaving a film behind on the RV with the baby shampoo and the vinegar won't leave any water spots behind.

If you are worried about detailing your RV yourself, consider taking it to a professional detailing company like Tunnel Xpress Truck Wash and let them handle the dirty work for you.